Dracula invades the North Pole after deciding it would make a perfect headquarters for him due to its 6 months of darkness each year, forcing Santa Claus and his crew of iconic Christmas characters to defend their home against an army of the world's most infamous monsters.

Our Story

While working on our syndicated comic strip, My Cage, Ed called Mel and said, "Hey, what do you think about Santa versus Dracula?" Mel responded with, "Let's do it!"

Created by Ed Power and illustrated by Melissa DeJesus, Santa versus Dracula went through many forms and formations. Initial meant as a submission for DC Comics's online web contest, Zuda, we created 8 pages, submitted and lost. 

Original Zuda Submission


With positive feedback we moved on. Fox held an animated holiday contest months later and Santa vs Dracula seemed like a perfect fit! With a tight deadline, Mel quit sleeping to complete 3 1/2  minutes of animation with her team of two in 4 weeks... only to face another crushing defeat. 

SvD Animated Trailer

After wiping our tears we didn't give up. With Kickstarter and personal funding, Ed and Mel decided to do the crazy thing and self-publish. 2 years later we held Santa vs Dracula the graphic novel in our hands.

Meet the Creators

Ed Power met Melissa DeJesus when she was offered to illustrate his My Cage comic strip for King Features Syndicate back in 2007. After a excellent 3 year run, Ed continued to come up with many ideas including Santa vs Dracula. Melissa saw potential and continued working with Ed.  

Ed Power

is the brains behind the whole idea. He wrote the script and detailed descriptions on how the characters should be.

Melissa DeJesus

Melissa DeJesus

is the artist and animator behind SvD. She also provided a lot of feedback on the project and visually brought it to life.